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People agree that maintaining a website is an ongoing task; many are caught off guard by just how quickly the task can grow often ending up being more costly than building it in the first place. As more and more people use website, the number of update can only grow and information that appears out of date could sent customers elsewhere. Paying your site designers a retainer to be available for update is one option, but experience has shown that this becomes extremely frustrating- every change must be explained to someone who is not familiar with the site; charges can rarely de done as quickly as required.

Content management is so important to incorporate into a site; it ensures a quick update of site without affecting any of the graphics or site structures. This means that web site will grow with needs into the future. This content management to also the organizing , categorizing and structuring of information resources (text, images, document, etc) so that they can be stored, published and edited with ease and flexibility. Content management system (CMS) is used to collect, manage and publish contents, storing the content either as components or whole document. It also maintains dynamic links between components.

This entails a combination of a web development software or language which could be macromedia dream we ever and HTML (Hypertext markup language), a server sided scripting language such as Perl pretext preprocessor (PHP) or active server pages (ASP) and a Relative Database management system (RDBMS).

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